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The Reluctant Blogger

Posted on: June 30, 2008 3:08 pm
So after years of saying that I wasn't going to have a blog for all the world to see my personal thoughts, I've finally decided to take the plunge.

Part of my decision to make the jump is that for the last several months I've been finding myself saying more frequently than I want, "If I had a blog, I'd blog about (whatever just happened)." The other reason is that in my job as a sports reporter for a small-city newspaper (circ. approx. 30K daily) I am limited to reporting only the facts of the events I cover as opposed to being able to inject my opinion at will, and about a topic of my choosing, like a columnist. So I guess I'm a closet columnist wanna-be. The coolest thing about writing my opinions in a blog instead of in a column of whatever media is that I won't have any deadlines.

And I won't have to follow the AP Stylebook. Yippee!

This all has to do with the title of my blog too, My Nickel. Remember when long distance phone calls used to be fairly expensive? Before cell phone companies made domestic long distance free? My Dad was always very conscious of who was paying for long distance calls by asking "whose nickel" it was. So since I'm doing this on my time, it's my nickel. Also, for those people who are clamoring for pennies to be taken out of circulation (like one of my favorite columnists), it's your alternative to saying, "So there's my two cents." I'll give ya my nickel.

I'll probably talk a ton about sports here, but I'll also probably talk a lot about barbershop singing, cats, books, history and things military. Those are the things I spend free time on.

Oh, and BTW, I just have to say that I hate it that CBS Sports decided the order that my favorite teams would be in. I have to look at it every day. The Saints aren't my favorite team. I'm an NHL/MLB fan first. You could probably throw cycling in there too. Then I like college sports. The NFL comes somewhere after that. And there's a bunch of other sports that come before that. I also hate how much coverage the NFL gets, especially compared to, say, the NHL or cycling. I understand why it gets the attention that it does. Just sayin'.

My top sports news so far today: Former Pittsburgh Penguin Ryan Malone signs with Tampa Bay Lightning for $30M; Floyd Landis final appeal denied; Roger Federer beats Hewitt in straight sets at Wimbledon; Venus Williams, Serena Williams only Americans left at Wimbledon with straight-set wins to advance to quarters.
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The Reluctant Blogger

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